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Holy Shit, We're Forty!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This could be the result of a mid-life crisis. Pull up a chair.

We've talked about this idea for years. "You know, we could totally turn these conversations into a podcast!" Yet, years went by, and life just kept... you know the old adage. We started to wonder if we were really as entertaining as we thought. Are we just laughing because we're always laughing at ourselves, or does this thing really have legs? Imposter syndrome snuck in.

And then we turned forty.

Who wants to jump off a cliff?

Turning forty has been both liberating and frightening at the same time. It was like we woke up one day and decided this was it. A la Dr. Seuss, "Today is your day! You are on your way!". We weren't just joking about starting a podcast anymore, we were actually going to do this damn thing.

So far, we've found this approach to be our theme (if you will), as we enter this scary, exciting, wild ride of a new decade. Thinking of starting your own company and quitting your 9 to 5? Let's do it! Want to get a tattoo for the first time? I'm there! Ready to move to a new city? Here we go!

Here's the deal.

Bottom line, this is our year of saying YES to what we really want and not being afraid of saying NO to all the things we don't. We're taking the leaps of faith we always wanted to and letting go of everything that doesn't serve us. Will it work out? Who knows. Could things be a complete and utter shit show at times? Totally. But that's ok. We're here for it. It's time be completely and unapologetically ourselves. And if we fall? We take some ibuprofen and we get back up.

"Life is like a canvas. Throw paint all over it". -Danny Kaye

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