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Little, but Fierce: NICU Awareness

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

September is Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Awareness Month and we're chatting with two NICU moms and a nurse to hear their stories.

We read so many things in preparation for our journey into motherhood. What to Expect When You're Expecting, Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, you name it. What no one reads and prepares for is a stay in the NICU. Even if you have somewhat of a heads up, nothing can truly prepare you for the experience.

"Somehow, certain people have been placed in my life at the right moment...and that's an amazing piece of this process."

Memorable Journeys

We had the privilege of interviewing three wonderful women, two who are NICU moms and one who is an NICU nurse. Mary, mom of three who had two NICU deliveries and started the charity Delivering Hope Nola. Jessica, a mom to twins, both born premature after a lengthy hospital stay trying to prolong her pregnancy. And Jamie, a transport nurse and serves on the NICU board in North Texas.

Each of these women shared their experiences, perspective and advice, and we could not be more moved or grateful. 'NICU awareness is designed to honor families experiencing a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit and the health professionals who care for them.'

We encourage you to give this episode a listen and share it with someone you know who could benefit from their stories. And if you are compelled, consider giving back through Delivering Hope, or your local NICU.

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