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Time To Stop Procrastinating..YOLO, Bi**h!

Starting a podcast has turned into a social experiment greater than I could have ever expected.

As a marketer, I completely geek out when studying human behavior. It’s actually quite

fascinating to understand how people are wired. We often focus on the negative traits and

beliefs, but rarely cast a light on our similarities or how differences can bring such beauty into

this world.

Having started Talk Forty To Me, we’ve interviewed several women, and are beyond grateful for

the overwhelming feedback about our show! Through this, I’ve noticed that we are all seeking a

level of relatability. More importantly, permission to be our wholeheartedly, authentic,

unapologetic selves!

We’ve had some incredible interviews during our short time in the podcast world. After a bit of

reflection, I noticed some common themes, advice, and strategies to live by. To be quite

honest, I heard these little nuggets before, but for some reason they really sunk in my heart

and mind deeper than ever before.

So, here’s my top 5 themes list that I’ve taken away thus far:

1. Perspective has such a powerful meaning when it comes to life. Life is far from perfect,

but perspective can greatly impact how you live and the way you see the world around


2. We ALL have our quirks. Those who matter will embrace them and love you for your

strengths, your flaws, and help you to see the beauty inside you!

3. Fear of failure and fear of judgement just prevents you being truly to you. Sara Blakely

expressed how she was raised to embrace failure. We hear it, we see it, but why are we

still too afraid to fail. Failure is just a negative perspective on opportunity. Opportunity

leads to growth and how do you grow if you can’t learn from failure.

4. Taking the plunge isn’t really that scary. If you’re an enneagram 6 like me, we have our

strengths, but one thing that can be paralyzing sometimes is fear and worry about

“what if “(stay tuned for another blog post about this). Embracing new adventures are

part of the gift of life and gift of learning. We’re never too old to try something new.

5. Every person has a story. You never know what you might take away from a

conversation that could positively impact your life. Take some time to get to know

others—go deeper than the weather, they might surprise you! What’s even cooler is

you might even surprise yourself at how their story can positively impact you!

I’ve often had moments when I asked myself…

- What am I doing with my life?
- When the day comes that it’s my turn to leave this world, have I left it in a better place than how I came into it?
- Why do I feel so unfulfilled?

I felt like I was punched in the gut when I read this quote by Karen Lamb: “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”

Wow! It’s like the clouds in my brain dissolved and I could clearly see what I had been yearning.

At that moment, I made a commitment to myself.

I’ve been putting off a few passion projects and career goals for YEARS, and about six months ago I had a little pep talk with myself and it went something like this…

“YOLO Bitch. Time to get this party started because next year, you’re going to be in this very place wondering the same question you’ve wondered every other year.”

Thankfully, when my negative enneagram 6 starts freaking me out, I turn to my small and

mighty village to talk me off the ledge. Many thanks to my close friends, my incredibly

supportive husband, and my podcast ride or die for more encouragement than I could have

ever imagined. But more importantly, as the saying goes—treat yourself like you treat your best

friend and come right back to “YOLO Bitch”.

Everyone has something special to give this world. What’s your YOLO moment?


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